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  • We serve consultancy and software solutions for managing your after-sale operations.
  • With one software system, centrally, you can have whatever you need for managing smartly after-sale processes and for increasing your profitability.
  • Manage your sophisticated after-sale operations by web-based and mobile applications.
  • By Vegasoft Products, decrease variable costs, increase profitability, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Vegasoft Software Company, combining its expertise on informatics with the experience on business processes, has specialized on the management of after-sale operations and on after-sale services, involving Scheduling of Field Engineers, Task Management, Mobile Business Management, Call Center Operations Management, Reporting, Customer Relationship Management, and so on, serving particular solutions for international and national markets. Vegasoft helps the customers in managing their after-sale processes by producing web-based and mobile applications, as well as gaining them competitive advantage within the market.

System Analysis and Project Management.

Each company has its own business processes, so we firstly analyze your process in detail and determine obviously your needs. Also, determining your hardware and platform needs, we serve to you necessary solutions. Then, according to demands and needs of your company, software developing process starts. Lastly, with test and feedback processes, the application becomes alive, and your project is completed with the education of your users.

Software Developing

After-Sale Service management consists of more than one processes relating to each other. Vegasoft produces for you a product which manages all after-sale processes centrally, so that with web applications, wherever the internet is accessible to you, you can manage and follow technical and after-sale operations of your company. Such a system serves you a platform in which departments are combined to each other.

Infrastructure and Hardware Support.

To run any application, the support of platform and hardware; it provides the necessary server connection opportunity by our own servers to the customer desiring no longer wasting extra resources for the establishment of and management of platforms. The establishment, the maintenance, backing up, and updating of the servers, whether the control of servers and applications are working reasonablly, and data arrangements or data registration for applications are also parts of our job.

Mobile Applications

The mobile applications developed by using HTML 5 and Boostrap technologies are compatible with IOS and Android smart phones and tablets, and this specialty gives you the access to your registration about the field works and ensures persistently work follow-up by all device models.

With one Program, managing your integrated processes, increase the profitability of your company

  • Provide the right field engineer in the right time and in the right place. Decrease the cost of the planning of and the management of field engineers.
  • With mobile applications, increasing the performance of them, manage your field engineers even if they are on the field.
  • Ensure the instant data flow and remove the delay caused by printing processes.
  • Know your clients better by foreseeing their needs, so increase their pleasure.
  • Simplify your processes, complete your business on the first visiting, and decrease customer complaints.
  • Manage your stocking and spare part processes correctly to decrease your field service costs.
  • Get instant information from your after-sale operations.
  • To increase your decision-making competence, report the critical processe of your company in a few seconds.
  • Follow your locations abroad by multi-language support of our product.

Scheduling Field Engineers

The right field engineer means the right business and the right time management. Plan your business accurately. Assign right field engineers to your customers, and provide a field engineer with necessary equipment in correct time and in correct place.

Mobile Business Management

Increase the efficiency of your field engineers to large extent and decrease the time period and the costs for planning and for management of the field engineers. Manage your labor force within the fields and obtain the instant data flow by smart phones and by tablets based on mobile applications developed by HTML 5 technology.


Manage your after-sale team and your business efficiently by Drag and Drop Technology. Monitor your field engineers, your completed/waited/delayed business tasks in one screen. Assign new tasks to particular parts or plan your existing business tasks.

Customer Relationship Management in Call Center

Manage your customer callings centrally. With the one click, attain to all your customer information, and manage your customers, customer demands, and customer information by one platform. This permits you to response your customer expectations in best way.

Spare Part and Order Management

Manage entrance and exit of materials and stocking processes in a best way. The follow-up of the critical processes such as those about the labor, spare parts, and material usages, preventing the economic loss caused by those processes, can be possible.

Dashboard and Reporting

Get instant notifications about your after-sale operations. Such systems provide you with real-time screening and managing your critical tasks efficiently and swiftly. With the correct reporting, increase also your competence of decision-making capacity. Get detailed reports about field engineers, devices, customers, and tasks within after-sale processes.

B/S/H/ Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Group
B/S/H/, with its main brand Gaggenau and its local brand Profilo, is one of the leader companies of white appliances sector in Turkey. Vegasoft, since 2011, has been giving guidance to BSH, especially in developing software systems about the management of after-sale operations. With the cooperation of BSH and Vegasoft teams, web-based and mobile applications, about the following and management of after-sale operations have been activated, and additional developing about these processes are perpetually being progressed now.

ARTEL is a leader company on white appliances sector and consumer electronics in Uzbekistan and Middle Asia. ARTEL, founded in 2010, has become the biggest firm about white appliances in Uzbekistan, and Vegasoft supported ARTEL with web applications for after-sale technical services. Call center management, customer relationship management, Business management, the management of field engineers, and Spare Parts and stocking management are some functions of our web application for ARTEL.

To provide after sale services and technical support, HTS was founded in 2007. It provides firms with field engineer teams, spare part management, call center operations, guarantee period monitoring, online data management, education for after-sale services, or consumer questionnaire etc.

Intermed, which started the first check-up practices in Turkey, with its specialized medical team, the most developed technology in medical sector, it gives the most developed health services to people.

Erkan Ulu Education center- Education Automatization system and web site of Erkan Ulu Education Center.


Manage your customer callings centrally. By the call-center management system, all customer calls are attained by one center, and within a few seconds, they are transformed into support demands and directed into the most suitable service department. The previous calls from customers, the previous demands, done tasks are registered into your system, so they become more attainable. Also, you can evaluate your service quality and the customer pleasure by customer questionnaire and survey applications.


With one click, attain your all customer information, and manage your customer relationships. Wherever the internet is accessible, it permits you to manage your customer datas by obtaining information such as customer location, device guarantee time, or after-sale service agreements. Customer demands, customer complaints, and completed or pending tasks are attainable by an entrance screen with one click, and you can monitor all detailed information about such processes within the same page.


Manage entrance/exit of materials and stocking processes best. You can control the material management such as the stocking amount of all materials or store information in detail. Also, you can master ordering, the material transactions, stockings, and material costs. The critical processes such as usages of labor and spare parts are followed so that you can prevent economic losses.


By one click, complete your tasks and develop your decision-making. Transforming customer calls into customer demands, assign the information about customers, devices, spare parts, guarantee together with pending task informing to the related departments of your company. Completed, assigned, or pending tasks about the field and critical information belonging to those are daily registered into the system. All assigned works can be monitored by managers in detail, the need for the material and for the labor can be searched, and work distribution become changeable.


By forming detailed reports, develop your decision making processes, increasing your profitablity: With the correct reporting, increase your competence for decision-making. Provide reports about field engineers, device, and customer and after-sale operations. By the signs on the home page, you can attain to the completed or delayed works, and via these signs, you can transact to related pages swiftly.


Increase field engineers’ efficiency to large extent, and decrease the time period and the costs for planning and management of the field engineers. . By the mobile applications, following your field engineers instantly, it ensures you to obtain all data about the company’s works. The mobile application ensures the factual data flow among center the offices and field engineers. The information about done works, reports, and invoice printing, without returning back to the office, can be done by field engineers. Also, the service given to the customer can be followed.


Ensure the presence of the right field engineer with the right equipment in true time and true place. The scheduling the field engineers allows you to designate automatically the correct task in the correct time according to their competence, without wasting extra resources for those planning. It only remains you to follow done works and to monitor reporting. Planning technical service materials and labor planning on the first stage, you can solve the problem of customers and remove the simple costs on the first visiting, reducing customer complaints to the minimum level.


Manage your after-sale team and your business efficiently by Drag and Drop Technology. With monitoring application, you can manage all field engineers by screens in which you can monitor all works in time periods. With Drag and Drop Technology, if necessary, plan your tasks quickly. Field engineers working hours, capacity rates, and holidays are monitored centrally by after-sale managers. Also it answers the followings: Which field engineer are serving for which customer, which works are delayed, and so on.


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